Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ork bommers

So here's a first unit for my army, one of my favourite Ork models - their bommers. I like those so much I finally decided to get myself a pair.

Ork players definitely got lucky with this one. GW usually seems incapable of making a decent aircraft model, but while every new SM flyer is uglier then the last, the Ork one turned out surprisingly cool. It's funny that that of all of 40k aircraft it had to be the Ork one that would actually be flight-capable IRL. And the the fact that the designers obviously took their inspiration from the good old Deff Skwaqdron comics also warms my heart.

While assembling, I took my time to magnetize all the weapon options. It took 68 (sic!) magnets in total, but now both models can be easily put together in any of three variants - as Dakkajets, Blitza-Bommers and Burna-Bommers:

The weaponry isn't the only difference between the variants - designers have also made three different tail versions for ease of setting different aircraft apart apart. Since I magnetized all the weaponry the question of a tail assembly to use came up. In the end I decided to make an entirely different version using some plasticard, so that it won't lead to any confusion. It also gave the planes a more futuristic look, which is always a good thing in my book.

And, as a bonus, here's an old pic of my GF helping me to assemble the planes. She seems to have some potential, we'll see what it'll grow into.

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