Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nurgle Hellhound

Not so long ago I managed to get my hands on a beaten Chimera chassis and, after a while, decided to use it for an old idea - converting a Hellhound used by Nurgle renegades. Here's what came out of it:

I got the idea after seeing GW's Plaguereaper conversion, but I didn't really want my model to be a daemonic engine, tentacles, nurglings and all, just a PDF tank, captured by cult members and heavily modified for their purposes.

So I started the conversion by attaching several vats in the back, raising the front part of the hull and adding a scratchbuild turret. While adding detail I sculpted some boiling chemicals the machine uses as a deadly propellant (along with putting some cult victims in a various stages of decomposition inside!) in the vats, attached a back ramp and an array of tubes. I finished with adding little details such as dozer blade and some rivets as well as removing all imperial iconography. I used a Mawcannon taken from a Blight Drone (since it has the same stats as the Inferno cannon) an a heavy stubber from the same kit as the tank's weapons. More angles:

As usuall, a few optional upgrades and secondary weapon options are magnetised. Here's the thing disassembled:

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