Sunday, May 4, 2014

Elysians on a converted Vendetta

So I got myself a first Imperial Guard unit - a Valkyrie with the Elysian veterans as crew. It's one of the few Imperial flyers to look kinda nice (being originally designed by Forge World may have something to do with it). Looking both unusually futuristic and kinda flight-capable is rare for a GW model.

Vendetta variant got nerfed in the new Codex, but it's still good, so I've added the lascannons to the available weapon options and magnetised them all as usual. And since it also differs by a large sensor block on the nose, I put together something in between Valkyrie and Vendetta variants on it:


The only strange part of a design is the vehicle's oversized landing gear. Many modellers remove it altogether since it makes the Valkyrie look rather weird in the air. According to THQ's Space Marine it actually folds in flight:

I decided to leave the landing gear on but make it a little smaller by remaking the lower part from plasticard. Model's interior was very detailed already so I just added seats for the crew and a pair of spare Accatran-pattern lasguns:

And a bit about the crew. IMO it makes sense to represent veteran squads by regiments from more renown worlds and Valkyrie-riding vets just have to be Elysian. Many hobbyists seem to dislike these guys, perhaps judging their futuristic appearance not fitting it the gothic fantasy of 40k so much. But I have always liked them, especially since their miniatures, being made by FW, are much more proportional compared to GW's infantry models.

The squad features three meltaguns, optional demolition charge and a sergeant with a boltgun (thanks to the new Codex). They're mostly assembled from the box, but I've change a couple of poses to add variety - one guy is checking his data-slate for mission parameters, for example:

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