Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leman Russ magnetised

So I got myself another Imperium model. Check out my Leman Russ:

If X exists do does a LR variant designed to kill it, so it would be a shame not to put all the available weapon options on magnets. Emperor knows it has a lot of those:

I was always thrown aback by an disproportional huge battle cannon on LRBT so I chose a LR Demolisher box and made the missing weapon options from scratch. I think these actually look better then GW ones. Here's a parade of all the variants:

So year, magnets rock.

In addition to new weapon options I changed the tower a bit, remade a grill above the engine, rounded up the sponsons, and added some stowage at the back. And changed the lower front side of the hull to make it look more like the old model. Before the basecoating:

Finally here's a small bonus - a test trooper for my platoon. More on this  later.

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