Saturday, August 2, 2014

Terphion platoon — part 2

So I keep putting my guard infantry together. Here are special weapon guys and a couple of converted heavy weapons teams with autocannons:

Flamers came from cadian sprues, but making guys with grenade launchers was more easy and more difficult at the same time.. Steel legion has nice revolver-type grenade launchers, but there's only one model with it, which is basically just one chunk of metal, so it took some time to convert copies of it in order to avoid the attack of the clones. After using green stuff and bits those turned out more varied:

And there are HWTs with autocannons. I decided to put those on carriages with wheels and shields to give an army a more dug-in, fortified and defensive look. The big bases give the opportunity for creating mini-dioramas and that's what I tried to do with converting the crew to interact with each other - recharging their weapons, looking in binoculars and generally looking more alive. There are even two guys high-fiving each other after a lucky shot:

So now the the platoon is pretty much finished. To finish the Terphion infantry I'll put together my company command squad in a while. Later, everybody.

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