Friday, September 19, 2014

Ministorum chapel

So I took a break from infantry and instead finished an old piece of terrain - an imperial building. Since the release of GW modular building sets those are mostly all we see on the cityfight tables these days. They are nice, but unfortunately the ways to assemble them are limited after all and the blocks repeat rather often. That makes whole playing boards made with GW terrain look repetitive, boring and over detailed with all too familiar bits. On the other end of the spectrum, scratchbuild buildings look unique and occasionally very cool, but those take a lot of time to put together and even more to make them detailed enough. So in my opinion, the perfect cities of death terrain is somewhere in the middle, made as a result of  using GW blocks with various other materials to create unique and at the same time properly detailed buildings. And that what I wanted to put together for my first 40k building - small Ministorum chapel:

In the base of a building there are 12 Basilica Administratum window blocks, that I traded from a friend some time ago and 12 pill tubes from my bits box. The rest of the building including the double dome is made from various parts and plasticard. The roof is detachable for the ease of access if I ever decide to paint the thing:

The building was based on the piece of particle board that was detailed with stone floor inside the building and some stuff on the outside. The size of the chapel allows a 60mm base to be fitted into any of the corners on the second floor - perfect for Guard heavy weapon teams:

Since all terrain is to be part of the battlefield , the one corner of the building is left destroyed. I tried to make the ruined part more realistic by adding various rubble, parts of the smashed dome and even some mechanics hidden in the columns revealed by their destruction:

GW is known for it's love of skulls and its especially true for the Basilica bits. So I decided that my building will represent a martyrium - a structure built on the several imperial martyrs' place of death, with the devout believers' skulls integrated in the walls and all the other gothic stuff. To finish I converted one door to look ajar and the other as forcefully broken and added a small ladder to the second floor. I also added some detail like scrolls attached to the columns outside and a shelf with books lying around inside:

So that's all for now, although I might return to this type of terrain in the future. And now it's time to finish up the infantry...

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