Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Terphion company command

So the command squad is finally here. And a few other guys as well:

The company major that will serve as the army warlord was converted from master of artillery with scarf, signature for my Terphion infantry, and a minor pose change. It is bound to cause some confusion, given that he still looks close to the original, but for me this mini just looks perfect for the IG commander - it just gives this feeling of a genius cold-blooded tactician leading the whole army to victory with a series of quick quiet commands. The veterans forming the rest of the CCS were made the same as the regular guardsmen. To distinguish them from regular guys I've given them all Accatran pattern respirators - they are much more veteran-looking with those IMO. And they were also given a HWT of their own. This time it's a lascannon and it is made the same way as my autocannon HWTs:

To replace the artillery master I put together a mini of my own. The old codex mentioned that some of them use servoskulls to pinpoint artillery strikes and the idea of a guy with a bunch of those seemed pretty cool. As for the other advisors - they remained more or less unchanged - I repaced the fleet officer's head and turned the old astropath guy into a younger lady, but that's all. Here's how all of that looks:

I've also added a priest and a commissar. The first one is converted from the starter set cultist leader. The original miniature had just the right fanatical look to it, so after a change of weapons and iconography to imperial one this guy is ready to inspire guardsmen to do some crazy heroic stuff. The second one is an old metal model that had its head changed and a power axe and obligatory comissar sash added:

So now I'm done with the infantry for a while - let me know what you think. I think I'll put together the contents of an order that was sitting on my shelf for a while next. There are a couple of ideas to realise here so stay tuned.

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