Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mechanicus walkers

Some other stuff: a trio of battle-automata that will count as IG sentinels.

I've made these from tehnolog Spider models. Most of this company's kits are more toys than miniatures really, but this is one of the better ones IMO:

So I picked up three and converted them by replacing all but four legs and the hull with some 40k bits and adding the magnetized weapons - plasma cannons and multi-meltas. I've also turned the hull upside down to hide the pilot seat and make the thing look less like a piloted walker, as well as to give it a more menacing look. The results fit the 60mm base nicely:

And it ended up similar to GW Sentinel in size as well:

The idea for these actually came a long time ago after reading Abnett's "Malleus". In it, magos Bure utilised some kind of Stalker units. I based these conversions on vague description from the book, making them a fast moving autonomous servo-automatas that an Explorator expedition might utilize. They cold be used to probe new worlds, searching the locations of interest with their powerful sensors and engaging potential enemies with built-in weaponry.

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  1. An excellent idea! I have ordered some in to make some Sentinels for a Genestealer Cult force. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks, man. Definitely share your version, it will be interesting to see what you end up with!