Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Three tank-men and a dog

I took a little more time with my second Demolisher kit and converted it into the Forgeworld's Destroyer. Changing the overall profile of the model and making it look less like a standard Russ obviously took some time, but ended up being an interesting challenge for me.

The whole model was actually converted for me to be able to put a mini-diorama at the top of it - I decided to improve on the idea of infantrymen riding tanks and put a total of four guys atop this one. The concept is one of the tank-men giving a friendly HWT gunners a lift on their way to the front lines - sharing tales, smoking lho, and petting the bulldog to pass the time.

A second assembly option I put on magnets is another Forgeworld tank - a Thunderer. In this case, HWT's heavy bolster has an added advantage - it will allow me to run this baby as a Demolisher without breaking the WYSIWYG rule too badly.

By the way, I've also changed my old Leman Russ a bit, adding a tank commander to the tank's cupola - now the army certainly looks cohesive. It actually just reached a playable size of 1000 points, and I think that's enough with the terphion guard for now. They are currently begging for a paintjob, but I'm really not good enough with brushes to start painting them at the moment, so I'll first put together some other miniatures - ones I'm not afraid to use for acquiring some painting skills. We'll see how that goes.

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