Sunday, February 15, 2015

Two Hydras and a Manticore

Surely, it would be a shame to put the various uses of the Chimera chassis to waste, so I've put together several more weapon options to use on the base of my Wyverns:

Idea for converting the Hydras is another one that came from the Final Liberation game. The model used there looks different from any other pattern I've seen, even if the low resolution pics leave a lot to the imagination. I'm guessing that, as is the case with many tanks from the game, it originates from some old Epic miniature. I've been unable to track any miniature resembling the one in the game, though. Anyway, here is my interpretation of gatling-type hydra.

The idea for an alternate Manticore launcher came from an art in the old Tyranid codex. For some reason, the artist decided to picture guardsmen next to a Whirlwind tank, which made me think about making a more high tech-looking Manticore using some Whirlwind bits. The end result is mostly scratchbuild around four soft-tip pens. Missile heads are magnetised, so it's easy to count how many are already fired.

That's all for this chassis. Now's the time to finish the last tank in the army - coming soon, hopefully.
In the meantime, look what my little eldar girl made me on Valentine's. Heretical love is the best kind indeed.

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  1. for the old Hydras that the final liberation model was based on.

    1. Oh cool, have not seen this model before. Thanks!