Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hunting Season — Xenos

Recently I couldn't help admiring some cool minis from an alternative manufacturers, and I've finally got around to acquiring several of them for use in 40k.
Without further ado - Inquisitor Atorax, Ordo Xenos. With his retinue:

The agent of the Ordo was made from an Infinity miniature - one of the PanOceania Aquila Guard. I wanted to get something in between the high-tech feel of the original model and medieval style from Karl Kopinski concepts more typical for 40k.

After replacing the most high-tech elements with skulls and purity seals the needed look was achieved:

The Inquisitor's retinue was formed by four death cult assassins. These were made from girls from Hasslefree Miniatures (HFH015 GayleHFH022 Concubine, HFH009 Harem Dancer and HFH010 Harem Dancer (b)). The addition of power swords turned the innocent girls into some hard candies for the enemies of the Emperor:


  1. Super brilliant conversions here! Can't wait to see paint hit them! Great job!

  2. Great stuff love the Inquisitor especially!

  3. Excellent Green Stuff skills and conversion work. I'm impressed with how you took a model that doesn't fit the 40k aesthetic and you really made him blend in seamlessly with the style. Brilliant. And I agree: I want to see those sword girls painted! Nice work.

    1. Thank you, that was the idea.
      All in due time.