Friday, June 26, 2015


The summer basically begs me to do a bunch of cool stuff, and it often feels like a crime to sit at a modeling table. Still, I've recently devoted some time to expanding my army and finished a squad of Terphion Rangers vets.
These are based on the OOP Kasrkin models - I still consider them to be the coolest looking GW miniatures in carapace armour, although it might be the nostalgia for DoW: Winter Assault talking. In any case, all the guys got the same respirator heads as my vets from company command squad. And the signature Terphion scarfs, of course.

And while I'm here posting, here's a small piece of terrain - a 36-inch line of barbed wire:

There you go. The next to come are some bigger terrain pieces I've yet to finish.
And for now - back to that summer checklist.

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