Friday, August 7, 2015

Command Chimera

It was never my intention to collect a mechanized Guard, but my company commander got so many medallions crimson by now I just had to get him a ride. I took the opportunity to make a couple of conversions to emphasize the command role of the vehicle - the turret is now equipped with additional radars, speakers and vox equipment. While I was at it I also fixed some parts of the model that looked way too toy-like for me, like lasgun arrays.

Autocannon in the turret was taken from Heresy Legion weapon set. I really liked the look of it, so I also changed the barrel on my Sentinel as well. Still, I also got a multi-laser in case I play in a restrictive tournament or with someone having a case of being That Guy.

And, obviously, the vehicle got its share of various stowage. I still have a lot left though - what use can it be put to, I wonder?

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