Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Medevac Centaur

Here's what you get if you take a Forgeworld model, add some bits and greenstuff and put in a few house rules after watching some WWII classics.

It all began after watching HBO's  Band of Brothers, S01E06 "Bastogne" to be specific. The episode about a harsh job of a battlefield medic really got to me, so I decided to get some qualified medical care for my soldiers. FW's Centaur carrier is described as a small utility vehicle, so the idea of turning it into a medical evacuation machine was pretty obvious. All it took was changing the Krieg crew to Terphion one. The new occupants include a driver, a pair of medics and two wounded guardsmen:

The rest of the model remained mostly unchanged. Here it is next to a couple of other units from my Terphion army:

I didn't want to confine my Centaur to a shelf, so I've written some test house rules for it.

August 2017 update: Here are updated rules for 8th edition. Let me know what you think!

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