Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blog revival and plastic sisters of battle

It's been a full year since my last post. And what a year it has been! I funally moved into my own place with an orgy room and a workshop. Now my life is back on track and I'm finally back to my favourite hobby. In the meantime, 40k only got better. Games Workshop made a lot of good decisions lately, changing it's attitude towards the community and bringing back a lot of old stuff hobbyists used to only have wet dreams about. Some armies are yet to be brought back in all their glory though. But where GW stands back, others have a lot to offer. Have a look at miniatures I have here: Sisters of Battle from a promising russian studio - Grishnak models.

New Sorroritas miniatures are the second most popular joke topic since Half-Life 3, so it's no wonder there miniatures proved very popular in the community. So let's find out if they are really any good after close inspection:

At the monent Grishnak models offers a pack of five so-called War Maidens (each on her own sprue) and an additional sprue with flamer, meltagun and extra bits to make any model's bolter into a combi-weapon of your choosing. These six sprues will cost you 28$ through PayPal with an additional 6.5$ for shipping.

The models are cast from hard resin, which proved great in assembly, but I should note that at places some bits are so strongly attached to the sprues you might want to be extra careful so as not to break them in the process - I have to confess I damaged several shoulder pads this way. Miniatures are obviously made with classic artwork in mind an so are instanly recognisable as true Sisters of Battle. I'm not really fond of the faces, but multipart models allow you to find some alternate heads or just choose the helmeted versions since there's enough of those in the kit for everyone. As for level of detail, the minis are up the Forge World standard. The resemblance is further enchanced by the fact that the sculpts are more realistic in proportions than the stuff we've come to expect from Games Workshop.

For comparison: 1. Hasslefree Miniatures model I use as a death cult assassin2. Slightly converted Kasrkin mini. 3. Chaplain Cassius model from Deathwatch Overkill. 4. Skitarii Ranger. 5. Elysian Drop Trooper6. Genestealer Neophyte Hybrid from Deathwatch Overkill. 7. 2nd edition 40k beastman model. 8. Genestealer Acolyte Hybrid from Deathwatch Overkill. 9. Purestrain Genestealer. 10. Kroot. 11. Ork shoota boy. 12. Gretchin.

As you can see, Grishnak's Sisters look like unaugmented human women they are supposed to be. Even with power armour they don't end up much bigger and so may look strange next to the more bulky Citadel models like Kasrkin, but otherwise please the eyes and fit the range quite well. The weapons look just like their GW counterparts, but are better proportioned as well, and so may easily be used with other 40k miniatures.

But the best news is, the studio has only just began to cover the Sorroritas' model range. The next in line of release are squads of Dominions and Retributors. Each will have five figures with brand new poses: Dominions are sculpted to be very dymamic, while Retributors will have a more defencive stance as befits ther coorresponding roles on the battlefield. In addition to the assortment of special and heavy weapons, the kits will include enough bolters for every model. This will allow you to assemble new kits as basic Sisters and make large infantry units with a huge variety in posing, which is always great in my book. Dominions and Retributors are expected to be available to order by the end of the year, and after that we might see character models, vehicle upgrade kits and a lot more. The models may be ordered by e-mail at

Grishnak models has my thanks for the minis provided and I also thank you all for reading.
Tharses Project is back in buisiness and it's only getting better from here.


  1. Nice looking models, and I quite like their relative size. Unfortunately for them, the current rumor is GW releasing a new all plastic SoB army in January...

    1. The sculptor is of the opinion that new release will only add to the hype and push sales forward. GW's level of detail is noticeably lower and updated rules definitely won't hurt.

      In any case, the models are not getting any worse and may appeal to a lot of hobbyists even if GW really gets around to finally remaking the Sisters' range in plastic.

  2. lasgunpacker, you are adorable, :)

    Plastic sisters have been forecasted continuously since at least 1999, :)

    These look great, but need an American distributor.

    1. To be fair, it's easier to dismiss those rumours with a benefit of hindsight. Chances were decent, it's a a shame that 4 miniatures is all the community got in the end.

      Admittedly, the distribution is a bit complicated indeed.