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Guide to 40k bases

When it comes to scratch-building, kit-bashing and deep conversions it is often necessary to know a size of a base the finished model is supposed to be put on. While it wasn't a big problem up to a while ago, many recent GW models use unusual (and often unique) bases. Thus I've had a feeling that some king of basing guide could be useful. Maybe some fellow hobbyists might find this helpful as well. So let's see what each base is used for.


25 mm [infantry base]
Most basic infantry: unaugmented humans in sub-flak, flak and carapace armour, Skitarii Ranger/Vanguard, Secutarii Hoplite/Peltast, servitor, tech-thrall, servo-automata, Astartes scout, Poxwalker, Vox-Shambler, Blue Horror, Plaguebearer/Herald of Nurgle, Daemonette/Herald of Slaanesh, The Masque, Fury, Daemonhost, all Eldar, Medusae, Ur-Ghul, Termagaunt/Hormagaunt, Neophyte Genestealer Hybrids of the 3rd and 4th generation, Tau warriors and Pathfinders, XV22 (Shadowsun) battlesuit,Vespid, Kroot, Kroot Hound 

Smaller models: Ratling, Gretchin, Squigs, Jokaero, Servo skull, Teleport homer, Cherubim, Bomb squig, Sludge-Grub, Cursemite, Glitchling, Eyestinger Swarm, Brimstone Horrors, Genestealer Familiar, Hamadrya, Spore mines (Poison, Frag, Bio-Acid), Aximillion the dog

Occasionally - Genestealer (see Inconsistencies section below)

32 mm [space marine base]
Astartes and humans in power (and artificer) armour (Sisters of Battle/Sisters of Silence/Inquisitors/Techpriests), Astartes Primaris Intercessor/Hellblaster/Reiver, Cybernetica Datasmith, Macrotek Enginseer, Tech-Priest Enginseer, Electro-Priests, Sister of Silence, Painboy, Mek, Runtherd, Boss Nob, Ork Boy/Stormboy/Loota Boy/Burna Boy/Kommando/Tankbusta, Bloodletter/Herald of Khorne, Flamer of Tzeench, Pink Horror/Herald of Tzeench, Tzaangor, The Visarch Sword of Ynnead, Acolyte Genestealer Hybrids of the 1st and 2nd generation, Hybrid Metamorph, Genestealer Aberrant/Hypermorph, XV25 Stealth armour

Occasionally - Imperial Assassins or other human-sized characters.
And Genestealer (see Inconsistencies section below)

40 mm [terminator base]
Large infantry: humans and Astartes in Indomitus, Cataphractii, Tartaros and Aegis pattern Terminator armour, Primaris Captain in Mk X Gravis armour, Primaris Lieutenant, Primaris Ancient, Primaris Chaplain, Primaris Apothecary, Primaris Inceptor, Primaris Aggressor, Ogryn/Bullgryn, Wulfen, 30k-era Primarchs, Celestine the Living Saint, Custodian Guard/Custodian Wardens/Sagittarum Guard/Shield-Captain/Vexilus Praetor/Captain-General Trajann Valoris, Allarus Custodians/Shield-Captain or Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour, Sicaran Ruststalker/Infiltrator, Archmagos/Archmagos Draykavac, Mechanicum Magos Dominus, Myrmidon Secutor/Myrmidon Destructor, Thallax/Ursarax, Scyllax, Death Guard Noxious Blightbringer, Chaos Spawn, Nightmare Hulk, Obliterator/Mutilator, The Changeling, Skulltaker, Warboss, Big Mek, Weirdboy, Orks in mega-armour, Flash Git, Wraith Guard/Wraith Blade, Grotesque, Sslyth, C'Tan Shards, Canoptek Wraith, Canoptek Acanthrite, Hive/Tyrant Guard, Ravener, Zoanthrope/Neurothrope/Venomthrope, Lictor/Deathleaper, Mucolid Spore, Mieotic Spore Sack, Abominant with a mindwyrm familiar

Small cavalry/beasts: Krieg death rider, Fenrisian Wolf/Cyberwolf, Fiend of Slaanesh, Khymerae, Clawed Fiend, Krootox

Small teams and support tech:  IG scanner, Krieg engineers with mole launcher, Krieg HWT with heavy flamer, Fire Wasp drone, Eldar support weapon, Tau sniper drone controller, DS8 tactical support turret, Ethereal on hover drone

Swarms: Nurglings, Snotlings, Razorwing flock, Scarabs, Rippers/Sky Slashers

Occassionally - Tyranid Warrior, Broodlord (see Inconsistencies section below)

50 mm [centurion base]
Astartes in Centurion warsuit, Custodes Aquilon Terminator, Tech-Priest Dominus, Warboss in Mega-Armour/Ghazghkull Thraka, Cryptek on a Canoptek Scarab, Death Guard Lord of Contagion in Terminator armour, Flesh Hound of Khorne

Occassionally - Tyranid Warrior, Broodlord, XV8 Crisis (see Inconsistencies section below)

60 mm [dreadnought base]
Most walkers: all Sentinels, all Castraferrum, Contemptor, Contemptor-Galatus and Contemptor-Achillus type Dreadnoughts, Kastellan robots, Domitar(Conqueror)/Domitar-Ferrum/Castellax/Vorax battle-automata, Penitent Engine, Throne of Judgement, Helbrute, Decimator, Deff Dread, Killa Kan, Wraithlord/Wraithseer, War Walker/Wasp Assault Walker, XV85 Enforcer, XV86 Coldstar, XV88 Broadside, XV9 Hazard

Large cavalry and small monsters: Tallarn Mukaali rider, Thunderfolf Cavalry, Kroot Knarloc rider, Daemon Princes, Epidemius, Beast of Nurgle, Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, The Yncarne Avatar of Ynnead, Hive Tyrant, Biovore/Pyrovore, Malanthrope, Great Knarloc/Goaded Great Knarloc

Heavy Weapon Teams, Magos/Archmagos/Archmagos Draykavac on Abeyant, Kataphron battle servitors, 40k-era Primarch Roboute Guilliman, Nurgle Blight Drone, Foetid Bloat-drone

Keeper of Secrets, Great Unclean One (old models, surely to be changed upon re-release)

Оccasionally - Carnifex (see Inconsistencies section below)

80 mm
Deredeo and Leviathan type Dreadnoughts, Anacharis Scoria

90 mm
Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought

100 mm
Knight Armiger Warglaive, Knight Armiger Helverin, Primaris Repulsor, Telemon Heavy Dreadnought, Tyranid Sporocyst, Gigantic Chaos Spawn, Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red, Daemon Primarch Mortarion, Lord of Change, Kairos Fateweaver, Skarbrand

130 mm
Onager Dunecrawler, Great Unclean One, Rotigus

Some of the Forgeworld Greater Daemons (see Inconsistencies section below)

160 mm
Astraeus super-heavy tank, KX139 Ta'unar supremacy armour (it's not hard to notice that this base is very small for the model: like other titans, KX139 wasn't designed to be supplied with a base and a decision to add one was made at a later stage of production)


60x35 mm
Skitarii with transuranic arquebus, Yvraine Emissary of Ynnead

Occassionally - Seeker of Slaanesh (see Inconsistencies section below)

75x42 mm
Vertus Praetors/Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike, Ork Warbiker/Nob on Warbike, Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch

Occassionally - Broodlord, Space Marine biker or Seeker of Slaanesh (see Inconsistencies section below)

90x52 mm
The wolf-kin of Russ, Juggernaut/Bloodcrusher of Khorne

105x70 mm
Ironstrider Ballistarius/Cydonian Dragoon, Belisarius Cawl, Pallas Grav-attack, XV95 Ghostkeel, Horticulous Slimux on Mulch

Occasionally - Carnifex and Keeper of Secrets (see Inconsistencies section below)

120x92 mm [large oval base]
Large walkers and monsters: Dreadknight, Thanatar/Thanatar-Calix/Thanatar-Cynis, Wraithknight/Skathach Wraithknight, XV104 Riptide/XV107 R'Varna/XV109 Y'Vahra, Forgefiend/Maulerfiend, Bloodthirster, Cor’bax Utterblight, Slaughterbrute/Mutalith Vortex Beast, Trygon/Mawlock, Tyrranofex/Tervigon, Exocrine/Haruspex, Toxicrene/Maleceptor, Scythed Hierodule/Barbed Hierodule, Dimachaeron, Canoptek Tomb Stalker/Sentinel

Most chariots: Burning Chariot of Tzeentch, (Exalted) Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh, Logan Grimnar on Stormrider, Bloodthrone/Skull Cannon of Khorne, Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot

Some vehicles: Kustom Boosta-Blasta, Shokkjump Dragsta, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Megatrakk Scrapjet, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, Dark Eldar Tantalus

Warboss on a Deffkilla Wartrike

170x105 mm [knight base]
All Questoris, Cerastus or Dominus-class knights, Caladius Grav-tank/Caladius Grav-tank Annihilator, Coronus Grav-carrier, Kharon Pattern Acquisitor, Kytan Daemon Engine, Gorkanaut/Morkanaut, KV128 Stormsurge


70x25 mm [biker base]
Space Marine biker, Scout biker, Renegade ogryn hound

Occassionally - Seeker of Slaanesh (see Inconsistencies section below)

96x40 mm
Forgeworld Warboss on warbike


32 mm with 15-35 mm flying stem [small flying base]
Small jetbikes: Windrider/Skyrunner jetbike, Reaver, Tomb Blade, Screamer of Tzeentch

Some jump infantry: Hellion/Beastmaster, Tyranid Gargoyle, most Tau drones (MV1 Gun, MV4 Shield, MV5 Stealth, MV7 Marker, MV8 Missile, MV17 Interceptor, MV31 Pulse Accelerator, MV33 Grav-Inhibitor, MV36 Guardian, MV52 Shield, MV62 Command-Link, MV71 Sniper, MV84 Shielded Missile, MB3 Recon, DX4 Technical, Blacklight Marker, Heavy Gun)

60 mm with 30-35 mm flying stem [large flying base]
Most skimmers: Land Speeder (Tornado, Typhoon), Land Speeder Storm, Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud, Javelin Attack Speeder, Wave Serpent/Falcon/Fire Prism/Night Spinner, Vyper, Hornet, Raider/Ravager/Reaper, Venom, Starweaver/Voidweaver, Monolith, Ghost/Doomsday Ark, Catacomb Command/Annihilation Barge, Tesseract Ark, TY7 Devilfish/TX7 Hammerhead/Sky Ray, TX4 Piranha/Piranha TX-42, Tetra, DX-6 Remora

Large jetbikes/jump infantry: Scimitar jetbike, Corvex (Sammael jetbike), Agamatus jetbike, Skyweaver, Plague Drone of Nurgle, Exalted Sorcerer/Herald on a Disc of Tzeench, The Blue Scribes, Deffkopta, Necron Destroyer/Heavy Destroyer/Destroyer Lord

Land Speeder Tempest, Talos/Chronos, Transcendent C'Tan

120x92 mm (large oval base) with 127 mm flying stem [flyer base]
Most flyers: Arvus Lighter, Aquila Lander (OOP), Valkyrie Assault Carrier/Valkyrie Sky Talon (OOP)/Vendetta Gunship/Vulture Gunship, Lightning/Lightning Strike (OOP)/Voss pattern Lightning Strike Fighter, Avenger Strike Fighter, Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter, Dreadclaw Assault Pod (OOP)/Anvillus pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod, Stormtalon Gunship/Stormhawk Interceptor, Xiphon pattern Interceptor, Caestus Assault Ram, Stormraven Gunship, Storm Eagle/Fire Raptor Gunship, Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar, Ravenwing Dark Talon/Nephilim Jetfighter, Stormwolf Assault Craft/Stormfang Gunship, Heldrake, Hell Blade Chaos Fighter, Hell Talon Chaos Fighter-Bomber, Dakkajet/Blitza-Bommer/Burna-Bommer/Wazbom Blastajet, Fighta (OOP), Fighta-Bommer (OOP), Hemlock Wraithfighter/Crimson Hunter, Nightwing Interceptor, Phoenix Bomber, Razorwing Jetfighter, Voidraven Bomber, Dark Eldar Raven (OOP), Night Scythe/Doom Scythe, Night Shroud Bomber, AX3 Razorshark Strike Fighter/AX39 Sun Shark Bomber, Barracuda (OOP)/Barracuda AX-5-2

Warkopta, Harpy/Hive Crone, Tesseract Vault/Obelisk


It should be noted that GW doesn't take the matter of basing their models too seriously, especially when different versions of GW models are released by Forgeworld. The contradictions also arise when some type of model is in the process of being moved to another base. In any case, GW's infamous inability to talk about the changes like this may cause problems for modelers. Here are some examples:

  • GW Avatar of Khaine uses 40 mm base, while Forgeworld one is sold with 60mm one
  • The same goes for XV8 Crisis suits - plastic models were moved to 50mm bases with a release of new GW kit, while resin versions from Forgeworld stand on 60mm ones
  • Old assassins are still supplied with 25 mm bases, while the ones in Execution Force set come with 32 mm ones
  • Old Greater Deamons were based on 60 mm round bases, but newer versions use 120x92 mm oval or 100mm round ones. At the same time, repackaged Forgeworld versions are supplied with 130 mm round bases, with the exception of their Keeper of Secrets, which stands on 105x70 mm one
  • Old Broodlord was sold on 40 mm round base while the one from Shield of Baal: Deathstorm used to be supplied with 75x46 mm oval base. Miniature in Deathwatch Overkill box comes with yet another variant - a 50mm round base.
  • The same goes for Carnifex - old version is still sold on 60 mm round base, while it was supplied with a 105x70 mm oval base in Deathstorm set
  • Tyranid Warriors from the same set come with 50 mm bases, while separately they still come on 40 mm bases. In a Wrath of the Hive Mind bundle they were supplied with both
  • Canoptek Spyder is supplied with a large flying base, but it's pictured on a small one at GW website
  • It's pretty much clear by now that GW intends for all Space Marines in power armour to stand on 32mm bases, however, several of their old sets are still supplied with 25mm bases
  • The Necron infantry also varies between 25mm and 32mm bases
  • Genestealers kit comes with 25mm bases, while Deathwatch Overkill box has these models supplied with 32mm ones
  • Space Marine bikers were always equipped with standart 70x25 mm biker bases, but Deathwatch Overkill set and a Battle for Vedros bike box have these models fitted on a new 75x42 mm oval bases. The same goes for new Deathwach Bikers set. It seems that this is about ot become the new standart for Astartes biker models
  • Plastic Seekers of Slaanesh box is supplied with biker bases, but the limited edition re-release of old metal miniatures was sold on 60x35mm ones. At the same time the plastic miniature can be seen on the 75x42 mm base on the "Sector Imperialis 60mm Round, 75mm Oval & 90mm Oval Bases" page on GW website.

Some models are ocassionally shown with unusual bases. In addition to the FW Warboss on warbike shown above, there are other examples:

  • GW still sells Catachan snipers, one of which is based on a outdated square base
  • Some FW artillery like Krieg Quad Launcher is shown on a bigger round base that predates the introduction of the 80/100/130/160mm bases. This is most likely just for show.
  • Many Titans, especially Eldar ones are often shown on some kind of custom base, mostly for stability purposes.
  • The same goes for many super-heavy flyers - the usual flyer base can't really support the weight of this model and modelers are left to create their own bases. The list includes Marauder Bomber/Marauder Destroyer, Kharybdis Assault Claw, Thunderhawk gunship, Sokar pattern Stormbird, Tau Manta, Tiger Shark AX-1-0/AX-2-2 (OOP), Orca Dropship (OOP) and Tyranid Harridan.

In the light of the above, the desire of some people to enforce very strict basing standards for 40k models seems even more ridiculous. In many cases in is left to the miniature owner to decide what base he wants to use. I, for one, put my Ork Nobs on 32mm bases and my Warboss in mega-armour is on 50mm one which seems perfectly fitting, given the Ork attitudes towards size and power. At the same time, I think that Assassins and Electro-Priests belong on smaller 25 mm bases, but at your workbench only your opinion matters - it's your models, after all. Hope this guile helps - I will add to it as new models get released or repackaged. And good hobbying to you all.


  1. This is a really useful post. Thanks! I'm going to share it on Pinterest to make sure I can find it later and build some exposure for it.

  2. Agree, this is a must share. Thanks for doing all this hard work and gathering all the information in one location!

  3. Hi, 2 minor corrections: Kataphron Battle Servitors are on 60mm bases, and Carnifex has a new base: 105x70mm

    I was doing the same work, thanks for rescuing me! It's unbelievable that no one else has made a detailed list like yours.

    P.D: I don't know how to edit comments, sorry

    1. Right, I knew the first one, a silly mistake on my part. Somehow missed the Carnifex one though, I'll fix both in a bit. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your input!

  4. Excellent resource! Thank you for putting this together.

  5. Broodlord is stated to be on a 75X42 base on the preorder entry.

    1. Supposedly it's the same as a 75x46 one. The dimensions aren't as precise as they could be, given that GW bases widen towards the foundation. It' the same with other bases really - if you measure your standard 60mm base you'll find out it's not really 60mm in diameter, but that's how it's called.

  6. Was just trying to figure out the use for the 90mm bases included in Sector Imperialis, and now I know the answer is: Almost nothing. Leave it to GeeDubs to insert so many useless bases

  7. Hey just wanted to give a quick thanks, this had exactly the information I needed!

  8. Hi! Really useful reference! I'd like to point out there is an error in the XV8 Crisis Suit entry. Old Crisis uses 40mm, and new Crisis kits use 50mm. Not 50/60.

    1. Sure, new plastic ones are on 50mm, but resin XV81, XV84 and XV89 from Forgeworld are sold with 60mm, thus the inconsistency. I don't consider different base sizes between different iterations of a model to be a problem really, that happens all the time.

  9. I have to ask. What do you think about 60mm bases that are actually 65mm? I got my Start Collecting Tyranid Hive Tyrant on the one like this and it got me a bit confused

    1. 60mm bases have alway been 65mm in reality
      The only real 60mm base is the clear flying large base

  10. Skyweavers come with 60mm Flying Bases, not the 32mm as listed.

    1. Good point, I'll fix this mistake right away. Thanks for your input

  11. Broodlord has never been on a 50mm, you're likely thinking of The Patriarch. The Patriarch is a HQ unit for Genestealer Cult and has slightly different stats and psychic powers.

  12. My recent order of Tyrant Guard/Hive Guard came with 50mm bases.

  13. Most of infantry like Astartes now sold on 25mm bases.